Hamiltons Specialist Referrals

Hamiltons Specialist Referrals are an exceptional state-of-the-art veterinary hospital dedicated to providing clinical excellence in High Wycombe, located outside London. Due to the pandemic and restrictions imposed by the government, pet owners were required to remain outside the building whilst their pets were undergoing consultations.

We have worked with Hamiltons Specialist Referrals to create a virtual tour that allows their clients to enter their building virtually through the reception area and then seamlessly explore their whole
practice, from the consulting rooms to areas not normally accessible to the public.

The virtual walk-through provides a powerful way to showcase their exceptional facilities and highly advanced specialist medical equipment and visually communicate their pets’ journey as patients. Embedding multimedia content, including images, videos and text descriptions, ensure that their clients get the information they need and the reassurance that their pets will receive the best care even if they cannot physically visit the site.

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